Where to Buy Custom Embroidered Patches?

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Where to Buy Custom Embroidered Patches?

Posted By Bill Jackson

Planning to buy custom embroidered patches? Where should you start your search? Before starting to look for patches, let us first begin by identifying its different kinds. After identifying them, searching for the best place to shop for these items will be easier.

Custom Embroidered Patches

There are different kinds of custom embroidered patches. Here are just a few of them:
  • Embroidered Patches – This type is considered to be the most popular. This is usually found on bags, jackets, uniforms, and a lot more. These patches are embroidered on the fabric with the use of a thread. There are three coverage amounts for this – the 50%, 75%, and 100% embroidery. This percentage coverage refers to the amount of thread coverage the patch will have as compared to the amount of twill visible.
  • Woven Patches – These patches are used as replacements for the embroidered type. These make use of thinner thread woven together, instead of embroidering it to the fabric. The woven type is made of thread only and woven continuously into the design.
  • Printed Patches – This type involves printing of a design, photograph, or text into a blank fabric. It makes use of the dye sublimation process wherein ink is used to blend the design into the fabric. Therefore, there is no limitation as to the colors that you can use. You can use and experiment on various colors.
  • Name Patches – These are commonly found in workplaces wherein a name displayed is useful in identifying someone. You can order them online either as embroidered locally or as blank patches. Name patches are much cheaper than fully embroidered ones.
  • Blank Patches – These are used when groups, works shirts, or uniforms are on a tight deadline.  Since they do not have designs, it can easily be printed or embroidered in the blank twill.
  • Bullion Crest – This type is handcrafted by skilled craftsmen. Unlike embroidered patches, they are much thicker and sturdier.  Aside from the threads, other materials are added to it, such as wires, felt, velvets, beads and many more. You can find it in military uniforms, elite groups, and other groups. However, if you are in a hurry to get your patches right away, this is not the best choice.
  • Chenille Patches – These are often seen on sweaters and varsity jackets and are also usually offered as awards. This patch, also known as Lettermen, consists of two layers. The bottom layer is composed of felt while the upper layer is furry. These are used in creating letters, numbers, and even words.

What are the advantages of custom embroidered patches? One is that it is a way of making your clothing items even more attractive. It gives the person less time to do the labor of putting on the patch by himself. Some of these patches are done with the help of a machine. The reason for this is because there are specific backings that handmade embroidery cannot do.


What materials are used in making custom embroidered patches? A person will be amazed upon discovering the kinds of materials these custom patches are made of. Some commonly used materials include plastic, iron on, adhesive, pin, magnetic, and no backing patch. In iron on, the patches are placed or pasted on the cloth then pressed with the use of a hot iron.

Embroidered PatchesIn pin patches, a pin is attached to the patch so that it will stick to the cloth. In comparison to other kinds, this one is removable. In no backing patches, the threads at the back are open, making it easier to sew it on the cloth. An adhesive patch has adhesives on the back that you can remove so you can easily place it on the cloth. Lastly, magnetic patches have small magnets attached to the underside. This aids in allowing the patch to effectively stick to the material.

Where can they buy these custom embroidered patches? One of the best places to find them is online. In fact, you can find lots of reliable online shops offering these items – one of which is pathces4less.com. If you are interested to order patches, then check out the site. You can also pick up your phone now and get in touch with them.

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Written by Bill Jackson

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