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How to Become a Good Keynote Speaker

Posted By Glenda Douglas

Some people are born to be good speakers while others have to struggle to become skilled in public speaking. The good thing about this is that this means that everyone has a chance to build a career as a keynote speaker.

We have outlined a few tips on how aspiring keynote speakers will be able to achieve their dreams.

Decide that you want to be a Keynote Speaker

The very first step that you must do is acknowledge the fact that you want to become good at speaking in public. No one can become a good speaker without coming to the realization that he desires to be recognized a speaker. It does not matter if at present you are not that confident in speaking in front of other people.


The reason why it is important that you recognize first your desire to become a speaker is because it will be your staring point. The moment that you have recognized this desire, your actions will be guided to paths that will lead you to your dream.

It will be easy for you to find the paths that will lead you to a common goal if you already know what you want in life. Let us not focus yet if you have the qualities of a good speaker or not, we will get to a point wherein you will start to develop the necessary skills needed to be a good speaker.


Study the Lives of the Famous Speakers

One of the best ways to achieve your dream of becoming a good speaker is to study and read about the lives of the famous speakers. Read about the lives of the experts and learn from them.

If you have a chance of talking to any of them, talk to them. Ask them questions about anything that you want to know on how to become a great keynote speaker. Successful people are always more than willing to talk about their life stories with others.

Take advantage of possible opportunity that you might have in finding out about the lives of successful speakers. You will find inspiration in finding out that some of them did not have smooth start at the start of their careers.

Success is not built overnight. Many of the successful and famous speakers have to struggle and work their way up to get to where they are now. You might even be surprised to find someone who might have a start very similar to yours.

Read about the common mistakes made by famous and speakers to help you committing the same mistake. Learn about the most commonly encountered challenges by the speakers to help you advance in your career faster.

Learn from the best speakers by studying their lives. Find out about how they have become the successful in what they do.


Watch how the Great Speakers Deliver their Speech

Since keynote speech is mainly about talking. Try watching videos or real life performances famous speakers. Keenly observe their manner of talking and communicating with the audience. You will notice that great speakers have a certain way with words and they have a certain way of talking that captures attention of the audience.

A keynote speaker might be invited to talk about a topic that he just found out about a week prior to the speech but when he talks, everyone in crowd are made to believe that he is an expert about the topic. Little do the audience know that the person talking in front of them has just been paid to discuss it with them. In most cases, it is people listen to someone not because of how much a person knows about something but because of how a person delivers the message.

Keynote SpeakerIt is therefore important that if you want to be a good speaker, try to mimic the same approach and charisma that successful speakers have. Observe a speaker during a speech and study his actions, try to figure out if what draws your attention to that person and try to copy that same action or approach. It does not mean that you will be an impersonator of speakers but just try to copy it so you will know how you feel about it and if it works for you. Eventually you will learn to develop your own style of delivering a speech.

Becoming a good keynote speaker does not happen overnight. It might involve a lot of work but if you really want to become one, then do everything to learn as much as you can about the profession.

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Written by Glenda Douglas

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