A Peek at TaylorMade Golf Company’s Success Story

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A Peek at TaylorMade Golf Company’s Success Story

Posted By William Hawks

Golf is a fun, interesting, and challenging outdoor ball game. It is a game of skill and mind. The sport requires concentration and focus in every aspect. Imagine hitting a tiny ball with a long stick-like object to make it land exactly inside a series of small holes. It may sound so simple, but indeed, it’s a bit hard to do that. That’s why golfers need more than just guts and attitude to play. They also need high-quality golf gear to step up their games to higher levels.

The Golf Gear Brand that You Can Trust

Buying-Golf-DriversAs a golfer, you’d surely love to get your hands on one of the best golfing equipment in the sport. And what better brand is there than TaylorMade Golf? Professional and even amateur golfers turn to TaylorMade to satisfy all their golfing needs. The brand carries a plethora of golf-related merchandise from clubs, drivers, balls, putters to bags and golf apparel. These products aren’t just made for the sake of profit; they’re made for the sake of golf. TaylorMade produces high-quality products and equipment that surely satisfy each golfer who uses them. Interested about this amazing company? Read on and learn more about that golf brand that everyone trusts.

A Humble Start

TaylorMade Golf had its humble beginnings in the year 1979. It was conceptualized and brought to life by a golf professional’s son named Gary Adams. He envisioned a high-caliber golf equipment company that would serve the needs of golfers everywhere. Adams had an initial capital of $24,000 which was loaned off his home. He then leased a small building in Illinois which served as his factory and headquarters. With only three employees (including himself) and a single product, the new golf equipment company started its ascend in the golf industry.


One Innovative Golf Product

The only golf equipment that the TaylorMade Golf initially offered for sale was a 12-degree driver made from metalwood. It broke away from the traditional persimmon used in making drivers. The new metalwood driver was sleek and efficiently designed. It boasts of increased game functionality as well, as it can make launching the ball easier during an actual game. Adams himself created this driver and gained an estimate of $50,000 of profits from its sale in the first year of the company’s operations.

Merging with Other Companies

In the 1980s, Adams’ golf company merged with Salomon Group, a French sports equipment company. The two enterprises experienced a fruitful partnership and was able to grow in their respective industries. The partnership lasted until 1997, when Adidas acquired the Salomon Group. Now, TaylorMade Golf runs under the Adidas umbrella, focusing on producing high-caliber golf drivers as well as most golf equipment and accessories.


Rise to Success

golfTaylorMade is now widely known to produce quality golf equipment that professional golfers can trust. The company’s drivers and other accessory products are frequently used by PGA Tour Professionals and are hailed as the best golf products in the world. TaylorMade has sponsored a lot of golf champions in the globe, including Justin Rose and Si Woo Kim. They have succeeded in implementing their own company tenets – to be passionate about the golf sport and to deliver innovative products that are at par with world standards.

Current Products

At present, TaylorMade offers a wide range of golf equipment and merchandise such as clubs, drivers, golf balls, wedges, fairway woods, wedges, divot, golf bags, apparel, and other accessories. They have competitive prices that truly match their product’s level of quality and sophistication. Buying products from them is never a wrong turn as it is fit for a long-term investment, especially if you’re starting to get serious about golf.

Where to Buy

TaylorMade Golf products are available in leading sports and golf stores. If you’re looking for affordability and quality, check out TaylorMade products at rockbottomgolf.com. The shop offers attractive discounts and original products, making it the perfect one-stop-shop for all golfing needs. Head on to their site now and purchase your very own TaylorMade products now! Step up your golfing game with TaylorMade and rockbottomgolf.com.

If you’re looking for affordability and good quality Taylor Made sports Accessories, Check out TaylorMade Golf Accessories at rockbottomgolf.com.

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